Strix Assessment Solution

Strix Assessment Solution

Strix Assessment is Takso's first product and is designed to generically solve any assessment requirement. You have an audit for your organization, you need to ensure that your company meets all regulatory requirements? Forget cumbersome Excel templates that do not allow versioning or teamwork. Just use Strix Assessment, a solution designed to perform simple and complex assessments for your organization. It doesn't matter if you need to assess a single system at a site, the maturity of your department or your entire organization. Strix supports any number of assessments and users and can be customized to meet your needs.

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More Features

Visuel Dashboard

Strix Assessment provides a visual dashboard for a quick and easy overview of all assessments.


Report the current status or the results of your assessments with our reporting function.

Structural Hierarchies

We know that every company works differently. Therefore, we support structural hierarchies to reflect your needs regarding your company or department structures.

Roles & Permissions

With Strix, you have full control over who can access and participate in your assessments. Invite other people or let them notify you when someone wants to participate in your assessment.


Yes a lot of knowledge is stored in Excel - we know. With Strix you can easily import your Excel spreadsheets

Cloud- and On-Premise-Installation

Your data! Your decision! We offer three types of installations: Managed, Dedicated Cloud and On-Premise Installation.

Interessted? You can find more Strix use cases on our product page.