Switchover Feature Toggle Management

Feature Toggle Management

Switchover is the second product from Takso. Do you have the challenge to react quickly to customer requirements with your software development teams? Do you have complex integration scenarios? Do you have to activate functions for your customers individually? If you are answering these questions with yes - We have the right solution with Switchover.

Simply toggle functions!

With Switchover you decide which function is visible to the customer. Even unfinished code can be deployed on live at any time without endangering the entire system. Error-prone "late" Integration is now a thing of the past.

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Interessted? You can find more Switchover use cases on our product page.

Cases for Switchover

Continuous Integration

Keep your development environment up-to-date at all times! Code that only runs on the developer machine does not exist.

Continuous Delivery

Your software, always editable and deployable - No problem, unfinished code blocks are simply switched off by feature flags.

Dev Ops

A function of a customer causes problems? No developer who can analyze? No problem, just toggle the function out and the system is running again.


Most functions are completely developed and now it should be integrated into the customer's system. But what if a sub-team has not delivered yet? No problem, toggle out and in when the feature is done.

Test in Production

You want to test if a new feature works with the Live Setup? No problem, Switchover also helps to make certain features visible only for certain customers.